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The Santol Fruit

This is a popular fruit in the Philippines and in some Asian countries.  The santol tree only bears fruit during the rainy season.  The fruits has many health benefits such as it aids in digestion process. The fruit contains anti-oxidant properties.  Inside the fruits are pulpy matter that covers the seeds, which is rich in vitamin C.  Some fruits are sweet, others are sour.  Some regions of the Philippines use the inside pulp as a soup seasoning.  I wonder if this fruit is available in your country.


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Written by Florel Caparas

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  1. This is a fruit I am not familiar with but that doesn’t mean it is not available here. I would be surprised if it wasn’t available in San Francisco And Daly City where I used to live. I will look for it and maybe I can discover a new fruit. Thank you for the nice post.

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