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Snowflake wine – (Hsueh hwa niang 雪花釀)

Snowflake wine / 雪花釀

“The natural fermentation of pure glutinous rice. Being able to be added to eggs, rice glue pudding, flavoured wine, and appetisers” That’s what it says on the label, and OMG it is so delicious! I have no intention of adding it to eggs or anything else; I’ll just shovel it directly into my mouth ?

The only ingredients listed are glutinous rice and water, so the sweetness is attained by a process of fermentation similar to that in Japanese saké, wherein koji mould (Aspergillus oryzae) is added. This produces both sweetness and alcohol. If you ever come across snowflake wine, don’t hesitate – it is the nectar of the gods!!


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