My Latest Food Cravings: Cheese or Alternatives

Monday, 3.5.18

I decided to do another foodie post about my latest simple but tasty food dishes. I will now describe the ingredients and how I made each one, which is very easy.

The first one of my vegan pizzas that I put together and bake in a toaster oven. It involves a small, round, gluten-free, and vegan crust, vegan spicy salsa, some hemp seeds, some almond meal, and spinach leaves. I baked it in the toaster oven for 8 to 10 minutes. The I took it out and added sliced avocado pieces from a small organic avocado. Since I didn’t use cheese, or even vegan cheese, on this pizza, the added creamy avocado was my creamy cheese substitute, kind of like vegan cream cheese. Also, hemp seeds make a good cheese alternative, as well as cashews.

The second mini pizza consists of flatbread, coconut oil, and cheese slices. This is a vegetarian pizza because I used real cheese, for a change. I used the microwave and toaster oven because I wanted that crispy crust. The microwave seems to harden the flatbread into crispy chips. I should have added some salsa on top. I could have also added some beans for my vegetarian burrito.

Then, I snacked on some air-popped popcorn. I didn’t add anything on the popcorn because I felt like eating it natural. Sometimes, I added coconut oil or olive oil.


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