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Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Firelog Idea A Success

I have to tip my hat to the management of Kentucky Fried Chicken who worked with Envior-Log to sell online a product that has the likeness of the late Colonel Harland Sanders who is the face of the fast food restaurant he founded in Louisville Kentucky.

The fire log which makes it unique is that the cost of the fire log  comes with a price tag of $18.99 which has the smell of being at the fast food restaurant which either the person who buys this item will admire or reject the idea.

In my opinion it is one way for the management of Kentucky Fried Chicken to try to gain new and current customers to come buy some fried chicken as well as other of their products by filling a need for the cold weather in some parts of the world to have the fire logs not only keep the person warm but also think of buying some fried chicken which has the 11 Herb and Spices that in the words of their slogan “Chicken Licking Good.”

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Fire Log is on a limited edition that weighs around five pounds that works for a period of three hours.

Since the company has sold out all of their fire logs since the customers were likely curious to take on the latest way for Kentucky Fried Chicken with the cooperation to try out the idea of a fire log for the winter months.



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