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I publish a post series about Irresistible Fun Foods.  This is sort of a “spin” on the idea.  This post is about fun food tweets.  Two things in life that can make me happy.  A good cooking show or a fabulous food tweeter.  Oh yeah!  I’m easy.  LOL.  I like this guy because his tweets are like “food games”.  He asks you fun questions about food.  YOU MUST CHOOSE!  (I will confess.  For some I could not choose.)  His account has over 12,000 followers.  His tweets are about lots of other stuff.  But I really like his foodie tweets.  Follow on Twitter:  @moderndadpages

#1 Do Brits Really Eat Like This For Breakfast?

I know a little about British desserts.  Don't know much about British breakfast.

#4 I refuse to choose!


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