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Irresistible Fun Food: Crispy or Crunchy Recipes

My Irresistible Fun Food posts have been lots of fun.  For a while, I had run out of ideas, but suddenly it came to me.  LOL.  Which food is the most fun?  Crispy food or crunchy food?  Do you have a hard time choosing?  So did I!  So instead I scoured the Twitter posts stream for both crispy and crunchy recipes.  I found crispy fried chicken, crispy ham and cheese hashbrowns, crispy tofu, etc.  I even found a recipe for Ramadan. That’s a important Muslim holiday.  The believers fast and then they feast afterward. The recipe was for lamb and it was described as crunchy.  All of the recipes are mouth-watering.  Although?  I’m not too sure about the seaweed.  That’s my opinion.  You be the judge.



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