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How to make yogurt at home

The subject of milk benefits and damages has been discussed many times and unfortunately is too long to write about it now.

Here we will only talk about home-made yoghurt and why it is useful to eat it right now.

And the reason why milk is the best is now only one – the food. What feeds the cows? With grass, of course. And everybody who has put his nose out of town in the last week knows that the grass is in its prime. Bulgaria is currently green, in the literal sense. And cows, sheep and all herbivores feel like in paradise :)) It is also good to know that the grass is at the moment the most fragile, the most delicious and the most valuable of substances. Correspondingly, the cow’s milk, which feeds wildly growing grass right now, is the most delicious, the most complete, and it deserves every worry that would cause you to get it. And if you do not believe me – ask someone who lives in a village …

The procedure for making home-made yoghurt is really simple and you do not need much knowledge and tools to prepare yourself. You only need quality homemade fresh milk, probiotic yeast (a jar of 750ml you put 2 tablespoons original yoghurt), several jars and a blanket or old cowl. If you can find the ready-made starter is better.

1. First, of course, you cook the milk or, if you have enough trust in the source, you can try raw yogurt by just heating the milk to 40-45 degrees.

2. If you get it – leave it aside until it cools down to 40-45 degrees.

3. In a small jar, add a little of the fresh milk, add the starter and stir very well. Then return the sour milk to the rest and mix again perfectly.

4. Pour into jars and turn the jars into a blanket or whatever you find. The aim is to keep the temperature within a few hours.

5. Allow to sour for 4 to 6 hours, then remove the blanket and leave it for another 1-2 hours at room temperature. At the finish, you get your ready milk in the refrigerator and enjoy it with every bite!

If you can find home-made milk, because the store bought is not so successful. I know it from personal experience. I pluck it with a spoon of honey when consumed.


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  1. Great post. Most times I don’t mind yoghurt, but whatever I just got from our local supermarket does not agree with my stomach.
    It took a lot of water to get rid of that queasy feeling.
    I know there is good yoghurt out there but this is the last time I buy that brand.
    Home made yoghurt is a good idea but Im not sure I ready to go there yet.


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