How The Healthiest People In The World Drink Their Coffee?

Millions of people around the world start every day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks and is often the topic of various studies in order to determine once and for all the benefits and risks that brings. Check out the 10 healthiest nations in the world, and learn how their citizens enjoy their daily caffeine intake. Maybe we should learn something from them, so we can improve our health!

1. Norway

In Oslo, capital of Norway, the coffee is made from easily roasted grains, creating classy drink that looks like tea. It is served black, without milk or sugar. In Norway you can not find latte!

2. Australia

Australians take coffee very seriously. Coffee culture in Australia is at high level. They call themselves coffee snobs even though the whole world consumes caffeine for energy. Everything revolves around the quality espresso, not milk and sugar.

3. Switzerland

They like their coffee strong and robust. Black espresso and “kaffee crème” (long espresso with milk) are popular ways to drink coffee in Switzerland.


Germans on average drink 150 liters of coffee per year, per person, which means that they add more caffeine in their bodies rather than beer or even water.


In Denmark there is a kind of coffee-gathering, known as “coffee-hygge”. In translation, “hygge” means comfort and refers to a warm and loving atmosphere, where they enjoy the best things in life, such as coffee and desserts, together with the people you love.

6. Singapore

The inhabitants of Singapore drink up to 6 cups a day and enjoy the warm, freshly prepared coffee, slightly sweetened with condensed milk.


Only one nation in the world consumes over 2 cups of coffee a day and that is Netherlands. According to statistics, per citizen consumption is 2.4 cups daily. In other words, they love this drink.


Ireland is still considered a tea drinking nation, per person consuming the second most amount of tea per year after Turkey. What we all know (and love) in the Irish coffee is the fact that they first put whiskey in it.


 It is no secret that the residents of Iceland drink plenty of coffee. Yes, they may not be a nation known for caffeine, but coffee since 1703 went back to the island, it became an integral part of the culture. This interacts with celebrations in the same way as alcohol is doing the same in other cultures. And just to know how much they enjoy it – coffee without caffeine is not offered at all!

10. Canada

healthiest people

Canada is the third country in the world where you drink the most coffee. It is not surprising considering fact that it is the country as origin of Tim Hortons – chain restaurants known for their coffee! Today espresso lovers are the spotlight. The beverage taken from the extract of roasted coffee seed has certainly been embraced by Canadians as much as by any people.


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  1. Agree with Blue Sailor.. In addition, Indonesia is also not included in the list .. hehehe .. Indonesian population is a coffee enthusiast. Coffee shops scattered from the top brands to the lowest level, and even selling coffee around with thermos.. on the beach to the airport .. Me? I drink black coffee with sugar at least 4 mugs a day. Interesting post Ivana.

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