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Healthy Breakfast

A body without breakfast is the same as a gasoline car!When you wake up, blood sugar in the body is usually low. Breakfast returns the level of sugar, essential carbohydrate needed for the normal functioning of muscles and the brain.

Research shows that breakfasters are less skinny than those who do not.

A quick lifestyle has led to 38% of women jumping over breakfast. Nevertheless, lately more and more talk about healthy lifestyles and healthy eating, and one of the first and basic rules of healthy eating is a healthy breakfast.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak


  1. Your observation is quite true. I don’t eat healthy breakfast myself. Lol. Breakfast for me consists of coffee and some bread which I fill with either peanut butter or cream cheese. I don’t drink fruit juice nor eat fruit in the morning unless I am on vacation and the hotel accommodation comes with a set of breakfast. Thanks for the votes btw.