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For Those Who Prefer Tea Instead of Coffee

For those of you who are “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fans then you know the preferred favorite beverage for Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  “Tea! Earl Grey.  Hot!!”  When it comes to coffee versus tea, for many people there is a clear dividing line.  You either love coffee or you love tea.  In my house, only two of us are coffee drinkers. The rest of the family love to savor their tea – hot or cold.  Tea has a very interesting history and is touted for having enormous health benefits.  When it comes to making yourself a pot or a cup of tea, there is so much variety to choose from.  Do you have a favorite tea?  My husband has introduced himself to chai tea and one of my daughters loves hibiscus tea.

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  1. We have tried various types of teas but not specific to any season. Our preference has always been for Darjeeling tea. Our brand was Lopchu but that is not available here and also the price now is exorbitant. I can get it online though.


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