Foodie Confession

Actually, I had planned to visit a diner, but I forgot that we are admist of the coronavirus and that restaurants have restricted us to solely takeout orders. So, while enroute to the diner, I remembered that KFC had this wonderful chicken & donut sandwich that was recommended to me by a Yelper who tried it. I just had to have it and thankfully KFC’s drive-thru wasn’t congested.

KFC’s Chicken & Donut Sandwich

I felt on cloud 9 prior to getting this sandwich as well as after eating it. Yes, it was good! Good as in I felt bad after eating it, so I had this evil grin after finishing it and while exiting the parking lot. If you are planning to order it, I recommend grabbing extra napkins or utilizing a cloth to wipe your hands because the donut has excessive glaze on it. Oh my goodness it is time to get my ass in a gym after eating that wonderful piece of heaven, hehe ; )

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes hat by ML Caps 
  2. Fur jacket by South Pole 
  3. Stretch Denim Jeans 
  4. Skech-knit shoes by Skechers 

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