Foodie Confession

Actually, I had planned to visit a diner, but I forgot that we are admist of the coronavirus and that restaurants have restricted us to solely takeout orders. So, while enroute to the diner, I remembered that KFC had this wonderful chicken & donut sandwich that was recommended to me by a Yelper who tried it. I just had to have it and thankfully KFC’s drive-thru wasn’t congested.

KFC’s Chicken & Donut Sandwich

I felt on cloud 9 prior to getting this sandwich as well as after eating it. Yes, it was good! Good as in I felt bad after eating it, so I had this evil grin after finishing it and while exiting the parking lot. If you are planning to order it, I recommend grabbing extra napkins or utilizing a cloth to wipe your hands because the donut has excessive glaze on it. Oh my goodness it is time to get my ass in a gym after eating that wonderful piece of heaven, hehe ; )

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes hat by ML Caps 
  2. Fur jacket by South Pole 
  3. Stretch Denim Jeans 
  4. Skech-knit shoes by Skechers 

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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  1. I haven’t tried that yet at KFC. It’s good that the drive-thru wasn’t too busy. I went to Aldi’s today, and it was closed because they were still restocking from everybody buying stuff yesterday.

    • It is a must try, but I’d recommend not getting it again. That sucker was sweet! And then adding chicken to the mix just adds another way to get fat, lol. So bad in many ways as far as weight and teeth. I went to Aldi yesterday, and felt at peace once I saw that sh*t wasn’t hectic and that things were stocked up.

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