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What is your favorite – Fruit juice or fruit?

Many people like to consume fruit juice during their breakfast but according to nutrition if you eat fruits that would be more beneficial process for obtaining necessary results for health and growth.

Eating whole fruits also provides you with healthy contents like fiber, micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are necessary for a healthy body.

So it serves no purpose but indirectly causes you to gain weight, but when eating fruits your body feels fulfillment and your weight stays stable.

Fruits contain antioxidant which is a substance that inhibits oxidation, especially the one that counteracts in deterioration of stored food products.

Antioxidant property of the fruits also helps lifestyle related disorders including heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

Incidentally, fruit juice has no fiber or very less of it that fails the very purpose of consuming it but it is left to nothing more than a tasty drink which contains lot of sugar that can cause increases of sugar level of blood.

Consumption of fruit juice also increases carbohydrate in body which is one of the causes of obesity and diabetes.

However, people love drinking fruit juice but if you’re one of them then drinking fresh fruit juice is comparatively safer than drinking packed juice.

The fact is that fruit juice absorbed faster by the body gives lesser energy to your body. Fruit juice is not a good substitute for your body therefore you still want to eat something after a glass full of juice and eat more in the process compared to eating whole fruits which make you feel full.


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Written by Suny Ag


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