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Episode 3 of "Italy Cook and Love"

After visiting the cities of Cadiz and Seville, the team of the Italian series “Italy Cook and Love” visits Malaga, the hometown of legendary painter Pablo Picasso, to discover the Italian Restaurant Farina. You can watch this third episode now.


“Italy Cook and Love” discovers Italian restaurants throughout different countries. These first 3 episodes were recorded in Andalucia, South of Spain. I published the first two episodes of this Italian series on Virily similarly.

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  1. The pizza looks real good on this one. They did Malaga wrong a few years back. They were close to competing with Real Madrid and Barcelona back when they had Isco, but the big clubs forced Malaga out with the fair play rule

    • Yes, Málaga was owned (and I think still is) by a millionaire Arab and they had a lot of money. But now they are in the second division. There was a controversy with the Málaga coach some months ago, Victor Sánchez, who is a former Real Madrid player, there was a recording of him having sex with girls with the Málaga Tshirt on and he was expelled from the club. Such a dark story. Many claimed he did not deserve the sack because it was a private video. and perhaps they fooled him to damage his career. The video was seen widely in Málaga.


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