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Ebelskivers! The aliens of the pancake world. We found the strange looking device in a crater near the north pole along with cryptic instructions. After analyzing the document, our linguists came up with a crude translation, and our scientists foolishly tired to create these… ebelskivers.

In the lab, they prepared the batter, and cooked it over medium heat. Using a toothpick, the turned the so called ebelskivers as the batter was pulling away from the pan. Over and over the flipped them making more and more. Painstakingly, they worked to ensure the small morsels were brown on each side.

Then, inexplicably, they made even more. They filled them with fruit as if that would somehow make them less dangerous. They filled them with chocolate chips to make them sweeter. Once again, they flipped them over and over again.

Finally, the plated them up with more fruit and pancake syrup, but they couldn’t eat them up fast enough, and the prey became the predator.  Yum, yum.

Well, actually, they’re yummy Danish pancakes, but I tired to have some fun while showing you how to make them. Watch if you dare!


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Written by Chris B.

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