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Do not ignore the nutrients of potatoes

Potato is the most prominent vegetable worldwide, But in recent times, Instead of potato’s people are giving priority to noodles, serials and other foods because of the concept of obesity, However, potatoes are still the best source of nutrition.

Greasy, sodium. and cholesterol and gluten are not found. 100 grams of potato extracted from steam.As per the same amount of potatoes, the daily half of Vitamins C is fulfilled. Potato contains more potassium than bananas. It contain anti-oxidants and vitamin B6, fiber, magnesium which is essential for the body.

Although potatoes contain Nishasta, but it controls the amount of blood sugar,  improves Immune system and absorbs nutrients into the stomach and gives the feeling stomach full. Potatoes contribute significantly to reducing body inflammation and improving blood flow and Carbohydrates present in potatoes provide energy to the body for a long time, because it is complicated type of carbohydrates which breaks into glucose and the energy process continues for a long time. There for ignoring potato from dinning table is not wise decision.


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  1. I had been avoiding eating potatoes, due to trying to lose weight, but after this great information I will be buying me so potatoes this weekend. Thank you! I enjoy reading your healthy topics posts. Keep them coming, I may start eating right yet loll.


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