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Crochet of nettles/

Robin Biznis July 25.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Crochet of nettles.

After two recipes for syrup and tea from nettle here and one for a meal.I hope you will make it and you will like it.It’s good if the kids like it.What you need:4-5 potatoes100 grams of cheese100 grams of hard cheese as gauda, trapist etc2 eggs250 grams nettlesaltfried bread crumbs of bread – I hope you understand that this serves to roll croquet, I have no translation.Preparation:

Potatoes are peeled, cut and boiled in salted water.In the boiling water where the cooked potatoes are added, add  nettles that you chop in small.When the potato is cooked, orange the water.Smooth to moisten to get pure, mashed potatoes.Cool the mass.Add eggs, raw cheese and hard cheese put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.Then, from the mixture, form the balls, roll in the crumbs, compare them to the casserole oven in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius. until it rattles.Serve hot or cold,  with the salad.


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