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#CrazyColorChallenge: Green is for Microgreens

Did you know that the stuff that makes plants green is more like human blood than any other stuff?  That just has to be healthy.  I’m not crazy interested in the science behind it all.  I know intrinsically that microgreens are nutritious and I like to grow them in clean filtered water on my window sill and munch on them at their maximum freshness.  I know they are not only organic, but nobody else has touched them but me.  No dirt, no bugs, nobody else’s germs.

My favorite microgreens root easily in water, grow fast, taste good, have a nice texture, are hardy and have a vining habit.  I like to grow at least 15 different kinds of microgreen at once in order to get enough supply to meet my demand and to get all the different nutrients I can get from my plants.

The plant pictured above meets all my criteria, although a few people who have a disorder called favism are allergic to the pollen and seeds of this plant and possibly to the leaves as well.   It is vicia faba also called broad bean or fava bean.  Curiously, when I was growing up in Illinois people in my neighborhood grew and ate broad beans, but were deathly afraid of fava beans, which I remember them telling me not to eat.  After moving to the West Coast I was amazed to learn that broad beans and favas were one and the same.  I had eaten them many times without knowing it!

The tender young leaves can be used any way that you might use spinach.  They seem perfect for the #CrazyColorChallenge here on paint Virily Green Week.


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Written by Ann Hartley

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    • I am a fickle friend to plants. As soon as I fall in love with one, then I find another to like better. Today’s favorite is Lebanon mint which is a type of spearmint that has red stems and bigger and fuzzier than the American kind. The owner of my favorite restaurant gave me a bunch of stem cuttings so I should be overrun with it soon.

      • I have an abundance of lemon balm and catmint. And many varieties of blooming sages. And irises are in their glory now. I’m having time to notice because we are both working on weed abatement in the front lawn and flower beds and we also have the entire back lawn area to cut before Tuesday is over. I think it’s too late to hire someone. Kosta is using the weed eater and I’m pulling the grasses that have very shallow roots and come right out. What a way to spend my birthday. I’m feeling everyone of my 76 years after this workout.


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