Cool Life Hack: How To Make A Long Egg

I love eggs, especially boiled eggs. I like them boiled and eaten with a little butter and salt. I like them made into egg salad, deviled eggs, and even Scotch eggs. I think these Bento egg moulds are super cool.

And now there are long eggs!

Long eggs are exactly what they sound like. It’s a tube of cooked egg white that is filled with the yolk, so the shape of the egg is like a long cylinder instead of – well, an egg. It’s a trend in Denmark, where there is a factory that makes thousands of these eggs every day. The eggs are served in restaurants, where they can be sliced into perfect rounds.

Can you make a long egg at home? Absolutely! There’s a gadget called a Rollie that you can use to make them. It’s nice because you don’t have to fuss with creating your own mould and boiling the eggs in water. But if you are a purist, you might want to cook the eggs in boiling water. It can be done, I promise!

How do they do it? It isn’t easy, but the principle is very simple. Check it out!


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  1. I saw videos about them a short time ago, @ladynightwavebrendamarie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a restaurant here serving long eggs, but they do seem to have captured a lot of people’s imaginations. You should see all the different tricks people have for making them!

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