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Check Out These Mouthwatering Cakes That Are Actually Healthy!

This is a great article for all those sweet-tooth people that try to eat healthy! And yes this is possible. No white sugar, no unhealthy fats. Sweet, rich in flavor and creamy cakes can be made with fresh and natural ingredients. There is so much going on with “clean food” these days. Clean food is natural and pure food, that doesn’t contain refined sugars, artificial colors and flavorings. Using nuts in these recipes is very important, as it adds on flavor and nutrition. Fresh fruits are the ones that put colorfulness to everything. As no white sugar is used, natural sweeteners like honey, agave syrup, stevia are recommended. Most of these recipes are raw, so these ingredients can keep their nutrients.

Check out these guilt-free cakes that will definitely make you crave for them!

#1 Dragon fruit cake

#5 Raspberry and white chocolate cake

#7 Berry and chocolate cheesecake

#8 Neapolitan cheesecake


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