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Can You Deep Fry If You Use Healthy Cooking Oil?

There are so many different opinions and/or facts about deep frying food.

Not sure if deep frying food is healthy but absolutely sure deep fried food is tasty!

Mario Batali is a famous TV chef.  In fact,  he is an American Iron Chef.  If you’re familiar with this TV program, then you will recall that the original Iron Chef (literally “Ironmen of Cooking”) program was Asian, and presented from Japan.  The show was so popular they made a Western version.  A guest chef comes on the show and challenges an Iron Chef.  Both chefs have to make dishes using a particular ingredient.  Supposedly neither chef knows what the ingredient is until the count down starts.  They have one hour.

On one of those shows, Mr. Batali was given an ingredient that he was not familiar with at all. As the judges were sampling his dishes they asked him what was thinking about when he prepared a certain dish.  His response was (probably not his exact quote): “When in doubt, bread it and deep fry it!  Everybody will eat it!”

Deep fried food is very tempting for most of us, but nobody wants clogged arteries.  However, why deny yourself tasty deep fried food if it’s okay to eat IF you use healthy cooking oil.  Right?

#5 If you just can’t convince yourself to use cooking oil, try a hot air fryer.


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