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An American Airlines pilot orders 40 pizzas for his passengers in Texas


In the better safe to be sorry world of airplane travel, American Airlines Flight 2354 that was flying from Los Angeles California to Dallas-Fort Worth airport had to take a detour to Wichita Falls Texas due to severe thunderstorms in the Northern Texas region on Thursday evening.

The American Airlines flight had 159 passengers onboard when they received the news from their captain that their destination in the Dallas-Fort Worth area would be delayed until the weather was clear to travel on Friday morning.

American Airlines Captain Jeff Raines knew he had to something to ease the tensions of the passengers who were going to have to stay overnight at the airport.

Captain Raines and her crew made a telephone call to the local Papa John’s Pizza to order 40 pizzas from the store to the Wichita Municipal Airport so he and his crew would be able to feed the passengers who were waiting at the passenger seating area.

The delivery drivers since I am sure that the local Papa John’s Pizza store was going to have at least more than one driver take the 40 pizzas to the airport then handed the pizzas to Captain Raines and his crew so they could personally hand the pizzas to the passengers themselves.

The weather did clear up early Friday morning so that American Airlines Flight 2354 could take the passengers and crew safely to their destination.

I salute Captain Raines and his crew for feeding the hungry passengers at the Wichita Falls Airport to ease their trouble of being delayed due to a thunderstorm in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

I am sure that the local Papa John’s Pizza in Wichita Falls Texas will receive high fives from their customer base now after all of the negative publicity they went through last year with the National Football League player protests of police brutality and mistreatment of minorities that led to some of their pizza sales slumping last year.

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    • My late dad advised me to “Play it safe” when it came to taking risks while driving an auto. Captain Raines probably remembers many of horror stories where airplanes have had accidents trying to land in airport during thunderstorms which sometimes had grave endings.

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