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Food dehydrators have come a long ways since I bought my first one back in the 70’s. They have become more compact and more affordable. When considering how much dehydrated foods cost in the market, one realizes that dehydrating at home makes good sense even though it may increase the electric bill. I bought the Magic Mill 9 rack stainless steel bundle last year for just a little over $100. I hated my ancient dehydrator (the round one with a hole in the center) and just wasn’t using it. This one I love. It really makes a difference.

In my opinion, the minimum features one needs in a food dehydrator are a reasonably small footprint, stainless steel shelves that slide in and out, nonstick plastic mesh screens and fruit leather trays (not just for leather, but also to catch the crumbs). It should have different time and temperature settings and turn itself off automatically.


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Written by Ann Hartley

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        • Years ago when my late hubby had to go to the VA after a stroke the dietician brought out a tray of fake food and tried to sermonize about what he could or could not have to eat. I told her that just because he could not speak at that time did not mean he could not hear and understand her, so please do not patronize this college professor with manipulatives. When she picked up an avocado and said “Do not eat this. It is fat” I got up and wheeled him out of there. Naturally, we bought avocados on the way home.


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