Fall 2017 Wedding Fashions

I just received California Style Magazine today, and I noticed that this one is the Fall Weddings issue. I also noticed interesting wedding ideas in this issue. So, I will just list the items that stand out for me as the most interesting for a fall wedding.

#1 Wedding Gowns

  1. Ruffles:  there are a lot of ruffles, all over the dresses. I notice tiered ruffles, ruffles on the sleeves, on the shoulder, over the shoulder, and decorative ruffles.
  2. Sheer gowns
  3. Lacy gowns
  4. Decorative designs on the gown
  5. Sheer and polka dots.
  6. Pants Jumpsuit with bodice top looks modern and minimalist.
  7. A Top Shop asymmetric hem slip dress, which is affordable--$160, and something I would buy if I was looking for a wedding dress. It is my style because I love wearing slip dresses.
  8. Grace Loves Lace Arden gown looks like a wrap gown with sheer sleeves. It looks lacy, too. I like this dress, too, because I love wrap clothes, but this one is expensive—$2130.

#2 Accessories

  1. Heart-shaped jewelry
  2. Blue accessories—cute but very expensive belts, shoes, diamond-drop earrings, small purses, rings, beret, necklace, and flat cuff. If I find some of these items with no-name and affordable, then I might consider buying them, especially an affordable version of the powder blue MIU MIU belt and Valentino Garavani little purse.
  3. I notice lots of modern accessories and flower-shaped accessories. Flower accessories include fresh flower crown and flowers bobby pin in soft colors of pink and peach.
  4. White wide brim sunhat, with or without a white veil.  

#5 Honeymoon Plans

  1. Items to pack for a honeymoon include bathing suit, lingerie, slides, white sneakers, sunglasses, tote bag, mid-calf wrap dress, cute belt, sunhat, and high heel shoes, as well as other necessities, such as shorts, camisole, denim pants, light jacket, shirt, dressy blouse, skirt, dresses, and enough underwear. All items should fit inside a carrier. Pack light.
  2. Destination
  3. Hotel

#6 Purses

Take practical purses with zippers.

  1. Tote Bag--a big and practical, and important items will always be with you, no matter wherever you go.
  2. Backpack
  3. Pouch Bag
  4. Messenger Bag
  5. Wallet purse that you can wear under your clothes.
  6. Another item that I thought was cool is Freya—luxury hat cases. It is named after Freya Stark—an explorer/travel writer. But for the bride, there is Poppy Carryall version—made big enough to hold four hats, a laptop, and accessories. There is also a Mini Poppy handbag version. I would buy these, but I am sure they are very expensive.


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