5 Types of Marriage

India Northeast Manipur Wedding. In Manipur, there is a heavy season for marriage. The period from February – May is the most heavy marriage season. After May we believe that the marriage god sleeps, what we call in our language is “Lai Chepa”. Nobody performs marriage ceremonies after May – September. This is our culture and tradition.

Marriage means Luhongba in local Manipur language. Let me give you the meaning of Luhongba(Marriage)

Lu =Man, Hongba = Solemnized. Now Luhongba Means Mansolemnized.

In Manipur there are five types of marriage prevailed in our society. They are as follows :

  1. Marrige by elopement ( High scoiety marriage style)
  2. Marraige by engagement ( Love Marriage)
  3. Marriage by capture (early B.C now this is not included)
  4. Marriage by keinya katpa ( this type of marriage end in 1-5 mins. short term)
  5. Court Marriage ( 95% people’s do not accept such types of marriage).

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Written by Deepak Raj Sharma


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