Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2018 Fashions

Are you ready for Spring/Summer 2018 fashions? Well, many designers are currently promoting their latest fashions on YouTube videos. Today, I check out a Christian Dior runway show. I notice some nice gowns that I would wear, if I had a big party to buy something that expensive.

The models appear to have a blank and empty look in their eyes as they walk the runway, in which I understand that modeling can be tedious, tiring, and boring and the cycle between changes clothes and walking down the runway in a timely manner. Models are clothes hangers, promoting clothes, accessories and shoes, to the audience who mostly tend to be buyers, celebrities, magazine editors, boutique owners, industry people, business people, wealthy people, and anyone else who can get a ticket.

#2 Christian Dior | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 Full Show | Exclusive

There are also lots of beige and taupe on this runway as well as red, gold, glistening shimmer, silver, olive green, tribal prints, capes, and pant suits. I noticed a lot of nice, dressy clothes and gowns. It is just that the props to decorate the black and white checkboard runway are Illuminati symbolism because the Illuminati controls the fashion industry and magazines, as well as everything else in society.

#3 Youtuber analyzing the same runway show

  1. Christian Dior Runway Show is filled with masonic symbolism, which includes black and white, birdcages, one eye, masonic black and white checkerboard runway, and masonic masquerade masks.
  2. Birdcages are a symbol of all the MK-Ultra Victims trapped inside a cage as slaves for the Illuminati and Zionist media.
  3. Many black and white gowns, especially the stripes against the checkerboard floor, look quite hypnotic, similar to the MK-Ultra hypnosis to control the public’s mind.

#5 Fall/Winter 2017 Fashions

Nordstrom, South Coast Plaza

Masonic floor, dark blood red curtains, and floral props decorate this window. I am not sure why they added floors in the scene for Winter fashions. I mostly wear floral clothes during springtime. But the fashions look very festive for holiday parties. 

  1. i noticed a typo here: the word floors is supposed to be florals. i think it is Microsoft Word picking whatever when i type fast and spelled florals different. it chose the word floors, which sounds stupid here.


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    • most of the gowns look nice and expensive for big parties during the holidays. it just isn’t practical for most people like me because i dont go to that much big parties. If I do, then it is usually just once a year.