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Summer Wardrobe 2018 Organizational Plan

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Summer 2018 Wardrobe Capsule?

Although I am not into wardrobe capsules, I sometimes check out these videos to get organizing ideas. To tell you the truth, a wardrobe capsule is like a tool for people who are not into fashion and they need someone to help them dress in a coordinated manner, kind of like those Garanimals for kids, and Wardrobe Capsules are the adult version. Plus, I like all my clothes, even though I don’t wear everything every season. I dress based on my mood, the weather, and the particular situation.

As I watch this video, I feel like it is too long and it drags because she talks too much. I wish YouTube had a fastforward button because of these videos are annoyingly long. But I did like this woman’s organizational skills. I do have some extra bins, and I think I will do what she does to better organize my closet, especially for my leggings.

Another good idea in this video is to get a Financial Planner book for your wardrobe or closet space. Make your Wardrobe Planner for each season, and list out certain colors and styles that you feel fit for that season. It is best to do next season’s wardrobe planning during the end of the current season, which is similar to seasonal spring cleaning, but not just for the spring season. Each season will be a fresh new beginning and a new start.

In Southern California, the weather is mild with some change but not really dramatic. Summers will probably be between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, although it might get a little hotter and more humid. Then, it will start to cool off by end of September and October. And, by November and December, I will like dress in layered for warmth and comfort. I think between December and February are the coolest months here, in which I usually wear my thick knitwear, boots, knit hats, sweaters, pea coats, wool scarves, and legwarmers.

I decided to check out other videos for this summer’s trends. I decided to use this woman’s video because her ideas are very basic and practical. Her top 5 items look like popular items for Spring 2018, but each can transition to Summer 2018 easily into a smooth flow from spring to summer.

  1. Espadrilles—I already have 2 that I have had for a while. One has small heel and one is flat.
  2. The Straw or Wicker bag—I have a couple over the years.
  3. Denim overalls—I haven’t worn overalls since my 20s, and I think mine are kind of tight on me. So, I am not sure if mine look good on me right now.
  4. Linen clothing—I probably have enough of those because linen and cotton clothes are easy maintenance for wash and wear, especially for active people.
  5. Feminine cotton blouses with ruffles or crotchet details. I have a couple of those, in which I mostly wear for springtime and summertime anyway because they look cute, flirty, and fun.


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