April 2018 Fashion Ideas

Saturday, April 7, 2018

For some reason, today I felt like drinking a lot of coffee.

I recently received the April 2018 Issue of California Style magazines, which really displays merchandise at the South Coast Plaza mall as well as promoted California living lifestyle. 24-year-old Dakota Fanning is on the cover. She models many glamorous sequin clothes and metallic sparkly eyeshadow. She looks sophisticated at 24. Actually, I noticed lots of metallic and shiny clothes and accessories throughout the magazine.

#1 RED

  • I noticed a pinstriped red long-sleeved shirtdress
  • red velvet loafers
  • turtleneck sweater in pink
  • a cute red purse
  • maroon satin purse 
  • There items are all about a summer romance, enjoying a fireplace or fire pit on a windy day at the coast while listening to your favorite CD or reading your favorite book. 
  • Red lipstick, red nails, and a cute red floppy hat will complete your look.

#2 Sporty Casual Look

Such clothes and accessories have an athlete theme.

  1. racing stripes
  2. number
  3. logo
  4. You don’t have to be an athlete to look like one. You can just dress like an athlete and be active.
  5. Gucci stripes are in style. I think I have a fake Gucci with the same stripe. These clothes and accessories remind me of the 80s. I have a lot of items with stripes and logos.

#3 Pastels

  • Soft pastels are always pretty for springtime because they look like the colors of Easter eggs or even a newborn’s bedroom. I notice many pastel clothes and accessories for this spring and summer.
  • I couldn't find any photos in my hard drive that have pastel clothing. So, I decided to add my photo, where I am dressed in a monochromatic blue sporty casual outfit, which still fits in the April 2018 fashions. I am dressed in the sporty casual style with Nike logo.

#4 Western-style Grunge Meets Modern Minimalism Urban

  • Diane Keaton models a western-style outfit, which is typical of her quirky outfits. 
  • She usually dresses in baggy gamin suits, hat and glasses. But she is now wearing a quilted skirt over a tutu-like slip, wide brown belt, turtleneck, and platform boots. It looks grunge, but in a conservative way, similar to Madonna’s 80s style, but Madonna dressed slutty and skanky. 
  • The next pages displays some of the rooms in her ranch-style house, which includes a wine cellar.

#5 Metallics

  • gold, silver, bronze, sequins and other embellishments are very popular for spring and summer. 
  • Bomber jackets, gold clutch with colorful gems, shoes, purses, gold trench coat, clothes with texture, moto jackets, bling jewelry, sunglasses, eyeglasses, blouses, and pants. 
  • I noticed that sheer ankle socks are worn with high heel sandals worn with spring and summer outfits.


No particular hairstyle style stood out in the magazine because I saw many styles.

  1.  I did notice that very short pixie appears to be popular. I haven’t done that style for a long time, since late 90s or early 2000s; 
  2. there are also loose and wavy bobs
  3. long straight hair parted in the middle
  4. hair sleeked back and off the face regardless of the length.


What do you think?