5 Best Online Shopping Websites

Prepare your credit cards, ladies and gentlemen!

Online shopping addict, is that you? Do you want to avoid crowded stores and malls? If you’re more prone to shopping in front of your laptop while sitting comfortably in your living room, then this article is for you. The bonus here is that you can shop in 3 AM as well, because online stores never close. Isn’t that convenient?

Let’s check out some of the best quality shopping websites that will satisfy your shopping cravings and drain your credit card. All of these websites offer international shipping, standard and fast delivery, and what is most important, safe payment sites.


Let’s start filling some shopping carts with goodies! And whatever you do, DON’T tell your significant others about this habits!


This is probably the best luxury shop online. On this website you can buy luxury goods from designers like Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balmain, etc. It is worth checking, since there are stocks that maybe aren't available in stores. There are great sales on luxury items, so you can catch your favorite Stella McCartney or Valentino in half price.

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  1. although i dont shop online, i think it is interesting maybe to shop at foreign stores online in order to get stuff from another country without really going there. but it might be hard getting the right size.

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