You’re woman. You are  at a meeting. You make a statement; offer an idea, give a solution to a problem, determine a focus point. No one hears you, no one pays you the least attention, and then, two speakers later a man says the exact thing you did and is hailed.

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This is called Mansplaining.

This term, where a man is given more credence than a woman, so that his voice and ideas are heard while the woman’s is not, has been documented many times.

The term is also used when a man has to explain something to a woman, and dumbs down because he assumes she is so much stupider than she is.

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The attitude towards women is endemic. Women as well as men, turn to the deep voice of a man as if he knows more than the woman.  Women, in a carry over from some twisted sense of rivalry will fight against another woman with more fervour than a man will.

Being conscious of it might help eradicate it.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar