The 4 IMVU Fashion Week Outfits from Paris, Milan, London & NYC

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I worked on another page for my graphic novel. Then, around 5 pm, I decided to take a break and turn on my computer. When I entered IMVU, I noticed that I received my last gift for September fashion week 2017 at IMVU. It is a black sheer blouse with black pants and a cutout top under the sheer blouse. She wears her own gold platform shoes, which she actually got as a gift from another IMVU resident.

The latest gift, and probably the last since today is September 30th, is the IMVU Fashion Week outfit from Paris:

A recap of the other IMVU Fashion Week 2017 gifts:

1. Fake Shearling Jacket with black mini dress from Milan

2. Gray Pantsuit, white ruffled shirt, and black belt that cinches the waist from London

3. Gray asymmetrical short dress from NYC


What do you think?