IMVU Fashion Week 2017: Day 1 and Day 2

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I turned on the computer and entered IMVU, where I noticed that I received another IMVU Fashion Week 2017 gift—a dark gray pantsuit with a belt that cinches the waist, and a white shirt with ruffled collar and very long sleeves. (It kind of looks goth or like vampire clothes). The first gift was a gray, asymmetrical short dress. I did an IMVU photo shoot at two different homes, at her fancy runway ramp and her fashion house.

In the first three snapshots, my avatar models her IMVU Fashion Week gift from Day 1 at her Beach House by the city.

In the next two snapshots, she models her IMVU gift from Day 2 at her Fashion House.

She models her outfits on her fancy runway ramp, located at her Beach House private property. (I received this fancy runway ramp gift from previous IMVU fashion week gifts).

She goes back to her Fashion House to rest, as she gets ready for some interviews about Fall Fashions 2017.


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