Virtual Reality Arcade

Wednesday, 2.5.20

This evening is Improv Meetup. So, I went to the Irvine Spectrum Center  around 3 pm, just to browse around the outdoor mall. It was very cold. I decided to try out the Odyssey 3D Virtual Reality Arcade. It was fun and interesting, around 10 minutes long. I sat on a seat with seatbelts, and I work those huge VR goggles. The trip I chose was the Futuristic City, which reminded me of the movie scenes in The Fifth Element. It was like a roller coaster ride through another dimension, and I was flying around over a city and beween tall buildings. I felt a little dizzy, but it was a fun ride. My chair was moving a little for effects, which was interesting. I want to try other scenic areas in the future. 

Then, I hung out in the Nordstrom lounge, watching videos on my ipad and tablet until 5 pm. I walked around until 6 pm. and then I hung out in line with others, chatting and waiting until the doors open at ten before seven. Tonight’s comedians were OK. At 9:30 pm, when it ended, I walked briskly to my car because it was so cold, around 50s. 


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