1st Day of July 2018

Sunday, July 01, 2018

I finally got out of bed around noon, although I was mostly lounging in bed for an hour or two, but Gumby was jumping on me and trying to wake me up. Cats are persistent until they get what they want! So, I got up and fed him, before I ate my breakfast. Then, I turned on the computer and noticed a surprise rooftop room on IMVU. I had received it for IMVU’s 14th birthday, and I just noticed it in my inventory. It looks like a fun room in all white monochromatic décor. It appears to be a nightclub with animated nodes, where avatars can dance, swim in the rooftop pool, hang out at the bar, or just chat on white modern-looking couches. It has nice view of very tall buildings, but the sky looks light and cloudy. It goes well with my other skyhighrise apartment with a view, but that apartment room takes place at nighttime and there is the view of the lighted city. This room can be the rooftop hangout at an early time, but for the same apartment building.

I decided to put a bathing suit on my avatar. I noticed that she only had one bikini. I need to go shopping for my cute bathing suits for her soon. I did a photo shoot, where my avatar modeled in the pool, at the bar, and dancing on the animated dance floor. I went to the IMVU store to buy a couple of cute new bathing suits. Then, I went to my inventory to check them out, and I only noticed two new one-piece bathing suits. I thought I had bought around 5 or 6. Maybe it needs to reset or restart, and the rest my show up tomorrow. Some new items to show up right away. I went back to the store and realized that I only bought 2 but tried on more. I decided to buy a 3rd one-piece bathing suit.

I just realized that the 3rd bathing suit I just bought looks like the first green one but in black.

I also noticed that I received a July 4th gift from IMVU, which is a block party room. The party takes place on a street, which looks similar to my huge beach house street.


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