Holiday 2019 at IMVU and Yoworld

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

I enter IMVU and notice I received a new winter ski chalet, amidst snow-covered mountain area, and animated snow continually coming down, similar to a snow-globe winter scene. It is a cute, small two-story apartment-size home, comprised of small kitchen, cozy living space, and spiral wooden staircase that lead to a small loft bedroom. Surrounded by windows to enjoy the endless white landscape and snowing scene, it looks like a meditative cozy flat.

I notice that instead of a fireplace, there are many candles. I can later add one of my old fireplaces, if there is room in this small home.

I also noticed that my IMVU avatar received a lot of onesie animal PJs—zebra, reindeer, green elf, and red clause. I haven’t worn a onesie since I was in high school. I guess this is the latest trend for young people living in cold environments.

My IMVU avatar had a good Christmas—cute neon apartment, neon nightclub, and small ski chalet.

I went to Yoworld to decorate my two winter homes with holiday decorations. Since I have two FB pages, I also have two avatars with different homes to decorate.

I didn’t take any snapshots or screenshots of my new homes on IMVU and Yoworld yet. So, I added an old Yoworld Mall I decorated.


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