Cozy Autumn Townhouse 2017

Wednesday, 1.31.18

Last Thanksgiving, I decorated this Autumn Townhouse. Since I mostly use Coins, the homes that I buy are smaller the the Yocash homes. So, when I decorate these smaller homes, I consider space, organization, and compartments to create a loft-like home that has cozy nooks as small rooms inside one room.

The first screenshot displays the front yard, which is filled with autumn leaves, four guard dogs, and some raccoons, squirrel and pigeons visitors.

The second screenshot displays the living room/kitchen, which is organized in three nooks–watching TV with fireplace, low table with cushions for eating and playing games, and kitchen. She has many pets in this room, which include animated black cat, animated fox, rabbit, fawn, porcupine, and piggy. There is also a female ghost that fades in and out to keep her company when she needs someone to chat with. I decided on warm autumn colors for this room’s decor. It looks cozy and warm, as she cuddles with all her pets and watches TV or works on her projects.

The third screenshot displays her master bedroom. I didn’t add a wall to separate the two rooms. Instead, I used certain furniture as wall. She has 4 cat and 2 dogs in her master bedroom. I also decided to add a slide door, in which her pets enjoy the view since they are indoor pets.

I also created a garage for her convertible Jaguar and her 4 guard dogs.


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