US President threatened to put duty on all Chinese imports

US President Donald Trump threatened to raise duty on all Chinese imports of $ 505.5 billion. In the interview with the US network CNBC, he pointed out the Chinese product, China’s $ 505 billion imported in 2017.I’m not doing this for politics, I’m doing it better for the sake of my country since China is cutting us for a long time.

Be clear that in a calendar month, United states put import duty by 25 % on chines product worth $ 34 billion. As a result, China has also tariffed at a similar rate on American products worth the same value and alleged Washington for starting the biggest commercial war of economic history. The US is reviewing the tariff on Chinese products worth $ 16 billion.

Trump reiterated his claim in his interview last week that America is taking advantage of trade policy issues, I do not want to scare China) but I want to force them to improve, I love President Zhee but it’s very unusual. Trump also criticized the Federal Reserve’s policy and expressed discretion over the monetary policy. Later, White House issued an explaination statement saying that President respects the central bank and does not want to intervene in policy making.

US President blamed in his tweet that China and the European Union have artificially minimize their currencies for commercial benefit and once again criticized central bank’s rate of interest-raising policy that it is harming everyone.


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