US President Donald Trump Severely Angry Over Theresa may Govt

US President Donald Trump, who arrived at London, During his interview, Trump severely angry over Theresa may Govt on brexit Issue. He criticized British Prime Minister Theresa may, saying that Theresa may had also been explained on the issue of the Brexit but she overturned it.

The Donald Trump said that the UK would have suffered huge losses from brexit Issue, The brexit means the future of trade relations with America is killing, He said that if we  implement brexit plan, then we would deal with Europe.

Regarding Ex foreign minister Boris Johnson, He has been very good foreign minister. Boris Johnson may be a good British Prime minister of Future, and  hopefully he will come back to the government one day.

Talking about the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Donald Trump says, that his performance has been very bad, and Sadiq Khan has failed to control the incidents of terrorism by allowing the immigrant to return.


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