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Did it tricked you? Look closely!

Did it tricked you? Look closely!

What a fun and lovely time it was at the Trickeye Museum Phuket.

Anyway, we didn’t actually plan to go but we had passed it on the way to our dinner place and decided to stop by on our way back home. No regrets!

I would suggest this to anybody who will visit Phuket. Its for all ages not only for kids!


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Written by marcelle


  1. The Spiderman will not be able to help you from that wall, but he can help to hold the giant legs that will step on you, after that, drink the magic potion, the drink is very useful to overcome your shock. Then…
    Daaa… daaaa… Cheers!

    • haha yes definitely funtime there. i have plenty of pics but choses only to upload a few.maybe later when i can i again haha Thank you!