Tis the Season to Enjoy the Cali Winter Ambiance

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Xmas Eve 2019. I enter IMVU to receive more holiday gifts, which I added into my new holiday neon pink apartment. It now has a holiday fireplace, xmas tree, and cozy furnace table. It is a cute place for a single and young woman. She is dressed in her warm and cozy zebra onesie PJs with zebra-head hoodie.

Then, I take a trip to Yoworld to receive more holiday gifts for my Yo Avatar. She has a new yocash home, with some new yocash items for décor. There is also a yoga tenant already living in this house. She is a young woman doing yoga on an orange yoga mat in the front yard. There is also two bedrooms, attic loft, hallway, family room, kitchen, backyard, and staircase to the shore and ocean, which is similar to the east coast beach. She also got some interesting holiday outfits.

I enjoy my holiday drinks, such as affogato al caffe and hot cacao with scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream. Sometimes, I add cacao nips, cinnamon, and/or nutmeg. I am creating my own traditional holiday drinks as I relax this winter season. 


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