Cyperpunk Explained

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I decided to watch this video because I decorated Cyperpunk buildings for a Cyperpunk city in Yoworld, even though I didn’t really understand the concept. In my Yoworld city, it appeared to be a worn-torn downtown section of a city, where buildings are falling apart, maybe via bombs and machine guns, and many furniture items have been smashed and broken.

It is a dark work, filled with neon lights, mostly in bright purple, indigo, magenta, and cobalt, illuminating the dark night sky. The streets are filled with pipes, leaking toxic substances, and maybe even gas and oil, because the Cyperpunk city I decorated appeared to be a destroyed town. But it appears to be a future town, filled with computerized screens, machines, and gadgets. But I remember decorating a nightclub, café, apartment, theater, grocery store, building, medical building, and military tents, like the city was on constant attack. In my Yoworld Cyperpunk city, there were lots of zombies crawling street and climbing phone poles, often trailing blood because body parts were missing. Some zombies crawled out of sewer holes in the street. But I also remember adding futuristic vehicles in my scenes. It looks like a city after war, in which I tried to decorate nicer to improve its situation. But I think my buildings ended looking like a ghetto district of homeless people living in an abandoned building.

I have never watched any of these movies, Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Shadowrun, or Akira, which is why I wasn’t sure what the Cyperpunk Yoworld theme was about. I assumed it was an area after a revolution or war because everything was a mess.

Overall, my Cyperpunk Yoworld buildings look like a dystopian society at war.

So, Cyperpunk concept was created in the 1940s, and it has grown throughout the 1980s. I have seen Judge Dredd on the indie channel as well as The Fifth Element.


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