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Time To Say Goodbye

No, I am not going to post a goodbye to Virily. Enough of that I am just hoping we don’t hit an iceberg. Enough said now onto my intended post. I meant when we have to say goodbye to those we love how very hard it is. First I refer to my mom who passed over to the other side in 1996 at the age of 84. I was lucky enough to be at the hospital to say a final goodbye. She was a short woman about 5 feet 5 inches and came up to my chest area. I usually hugged her and called her my little mommy. The one song that reminds me of her the most is “Butterfly” by Danyel Gerad because she loved to dance and was always flitting about like a butterfly. 

The saddest goodbye for me was losing my soul mate and my husband of 20 years. That is one goodbye that is hard to make but I guess the worst thing was I was not there when he passed to the other side. There are many different songs that remind me of him of course but the one song that brings hope and comfort of seeing my loved ones again one day is “Somewhere in Paradise” by Baccara.

And so I go through life alone now with my heart full of love and hope and I know that someday I will be with them once again. 

The photo is of my mom many moons ago in her apartment in NYC


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