Thai Cuisine (Pattaya Expat Style)

A New Recipe!

Have you ever tried boiled bananas?

Well, it all started with my car breaking down. That meant I had to walk five kilometres to see my good mate Roy. I argued wearily that guys without pots to pee in (Roy) are on the slippery slope to inferno-time. Roy argued otherwise. He’s in denial.

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the sort of picture on Roy’s Leo beer bottle

Roy wants me to take him to repair his only pair of sandals – in the car (that’s broken down). He can sit there (in the car) while they, the sandals, are being repaired. He’s still giving his pension to his Thai lady. He doesn’t have much but he’s in denial so he denies only having one pair of sandals. We passed a weary time, toing and froing over the-pot-to-pee-in scenario, and then I left the guy attacking his fourth bottle of Leopard beer. (I prefer Elephant beer given I’m the tough guy.) I’d been thinking of a motorbike taxi back to my neck of the woods (Unfinished Soi Siam Country Club) but I walked it. Lo and behold I saw a clump of bananas priced 5 baht on Soi Khao Noi! I snapped up the bargain with the Thai seller eyeing me with undisguised contempt. He was thinking a farang should not be paying 5 baht for sixteen small bananas. I was thinking otherwise.

I got home, bathed my aching feet, and hit the sack after guzzling a small glass of red wine.

This morning, with my Thai partner away in Chiang Mai, I raided the fridge and made some vegetable soup. It was then I threw in some small bananas. Now, I must admit they, the bananas, gunge up and look like gooey globs of white mess but they are edible, so the next time (for 5 measly baht) you buy sixteen bananas that are rapidly blackening with the wear and the tear of it all, toss them in a soup-cauldron, boil them, and nosh away.

I am writing this new recipe fifteen minutes after eating them and I still feel OK. I’m here and wanting to share my new culinary delight. It may be this post will go viral and tomorrow I can invite you to eat boiled fruit-soup comprising water melon (boiled), bananas (boiled), grapes (boiled), oranges (boiled), fruit of the season (boiled)…I think you get the gist of it all by now.

      I am a mere novice at blogging about new recipes but I’m sure you have appreciated my originality. 


What do you think?


Written by Jonathan Finch

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