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T.G.I.F. What Does It Really Stand For?

TGIF is used by many all over the word in the saying of; “Thank God it’s Friday”. But did you really know that it was started in the 90’s off a TV show; “Thank Goodness It’s Funny”, and was created by the stars of the lineup.

In its first two runs, it was often compared with its Thursday night counterpart Must See TV on NBC. Yeah, how interesting it that, right? Did you know that this abbreviation is used in so many other ways other than the TV show and the day of the week?…

The military uses TGIF as a way to say; Transportable Ground Interface Facility, Time to Get Information Fast, and others along the way. In religious ways; Teens Growing In Faith, The Gathering Of International Friends, and others.

Some use these letters in a funny sense as well, like in businesses for example; Thank Goodness It’s Finished, This Group Is Fun, Thinking Good Ideas Friday, & my personal favorite: Thank Goodness It’s Fun!!

There are many other ways people and organizations use those four letters in phrases, can you think of any others? Comment your answers below!! Thanks for reading!!


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