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Scream Machine to Your Death

“What makes people scream to death?” There is a place where people can shout on top of their lungs. “Guess, what?” It is definitely in an amusement park. People of all ages are here to have fun and enjoy the time with their loved ones. It is the best venue for the family to have a bonding moment and to unwind for being so busy in their lives.

Even in a distance, the screaming sound of people can be heard. You can feel the excitement and wondered what makes people shout so loud. The available rides installed in the amusement park are so inviting to try. But then, the roller coaster is noticeable. It can be described as “screaming machine” due to the screaming sound of the people while riding in it. The audience watching the roller coaster ride swirling up in the sky can be the thrilling and scary moment at the same time.

If you have all the guts, then take all the rides. For sure, most people would have the second thought to trying a roller coaster ride. “Can you endure the moment of turning upside down?” That’s the freaking moment seeing the ground while on a roller coaster. It was like the food in the tummy can just pop out from the mouth. It is so embarrassing if things happen like this.

In every ride, there are signs of precautions prior to getting tickets and ride in it. “Is it reliable to be safe?” It can be noticed that amusement park has the facility to accommodate people who might get hurt. However, people kept on insisting on taking the danger for their health. There are times that it might result in a risky moment. It could lead to rupture of cerebral arteries that could lead to cerebrovascular accident or stroke in lay man’s term.


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Written by Shavkat

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