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I am bringing you another Netflix show that I am watching now called Sabrina.

We wait a very long time to see shows on Netflix here, so, if I do not remember it I start at the beginning, like I did for this one.

Sabrina’s parents were killed and so she was taken in by her two aunts and her cousin Ambrose lives with them too. Her mother was a mortal and her father, a warlock.

This is a very entertaining show and those that like witchy things will enjoy it I hope.

She has a mortal boyfriend and two other mortal friends. We learn that one of her friends, Roz, gets visions when she goes blind. I guess all of the women in her family went blind because they were cursed by witches.

Sabrina likes to help, but, her helping does not always work out. Harvey, her boyfriend’s, brother Tommy worked in the mine, and he died there and that was very hard on Harvey. Sabrina cast a spell so Tommy would come back, but, he came back with something very wrong, and when she tried to go get him from this place he would not come. Harvey had to shoot him and bury him.

On her 16th birthday she had to be baptised and sign this book, but, she refused. Part of her punishment was to go to the witch school and learn about witch stuff. She meets this handsome young man there and he really falls for her. When she and Harvey break up because she tells him the truth about her, he cannot handle it so she dates Nick, the handsome guy at the witch school. They get into a lot of things and are expelled. Sabraina had her own convictions and sticks to those. I think I will stop now. There is so much I can say, but, I want you to watch it and feel how you feel about it. It is very very entertaining and they play their parts really well. I strongly recommend it.


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    • Rachael,
      I have it on Netflix and you can watch it whenever you want. It was done parts and not sure how many, but, I read that there will be a 4th one. I saw 3 parts so far. It takes a long time for it to come back after I am finished watching it.

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