Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 35

I felt that this match could have been better with more build-up to it. And putting it as a WrestleMania match was just criminal on the half of World Wrestling Entertainment being that these two have met a few times before. It was obviously WWE filling Roman Reigns into the event after he returned from beating Leukemia late February. And with Roman being one of the more heavily pushed superstars he obviously was not losing this match because he would lose momentum that WWE would like for him to have. My question is, what is next for Drew McIntyre after this loss to Roman Reigns. It is befuddling because there is no excuse in why Drew McIntyre is not a champion or at least at the forefront of being a champion for WWE.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

I'm a military veteran, a Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities, and a college student pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'm a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover. I fell in love with writing during my second semester of college, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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          • I think it’s different in America… In my country many people have problems finding jobs at all, not to mention in their profession… salaries are low too… I think it is much better when it comes to going up in your job and similar, and you can change different jobs too, choose a little bit more I think… For example, I am an artist, I have a degree but instead of that being appreciated (and it is related even to the other colleges’ degrees – they are not appreciated enough sometimes) I have to fight for myself on my own because there is not that many jobs that support that…

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          • Yes! Thanks much, it is a relief at least someone understands and not considering me “conflicted” or “negative” for the very objective reasons, it is simply not fair and not natural to me, and quite exhausting to be truthful… 😐 I’m wondering how he’s not into earning if he wanted to open all his posts and he opened mine, but nevermind, who knows, maybe he just changes him mind in the meantime, ehehehe….. ;/)

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      • I currently have a system that is maybe exhausting but I don’t know how to act differently when it comes to these… It is also kinda obsessive and compulsive in a way (I am a little kinda that) but I just don’t know any other good ways and how to track it differently because till now I found this one to be the most profitable and productive… Heheheh, yes, that I certainly understand… πŸ˜‰ Yes, I actually feel bad if I only post and don’t reply or give back while doing so, or think no one will look at my posts if I don’t do like that, so I don’t post that much but only after I manage all the comments and notifs..
        When mentioning obsessive compulsiveness, are you a psychologist…?

          • We all need breaks! I feel so refreshed now that I took a 2-hour nap. I drafted my next articles that I will most likely submit on Tuesday, which will be published Wednesday.

          • Yes!…, I agree….. 😐 I have to reduce my time here but at the same time I am “worried” I will miss something and if I start doing like that I am the one procrastinating very much too….. :/||

        • I’m not a psychologist, but I have taken lots of mental health, psychology, and social work classes which have changed a lot of the way I go about things. And funny thing about, OCD is that I had a classmate that mentioned that I had it bad because I always do things in order, lol. If I don’t do things in order then I tend to procrastinate.

          • Hahahhaah, what is your numerology number…..? I am 4 and they tend to be organized… I also have some orders but it depends on the activities too… On Virily I have certain orders (system) in doing things because if I don’t do it that way I will forget about the other things… When it comes to other things I organize depending on the current state, mood and priorities but maybe I do have certain ways in doing certain things because I found them the most productive or similar… I like to be spontaneous very much too… But I am obsessive (more or less) in checking things which sometimes minds me a lot….. :/| 😐

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          • Both answers here:

            Yes, I know, can understand that…

            I was behind a lot before but lately I’m active all the time so I tend to do all the notifs first and then comment the new articles… Then I make new ones if it is not already too much…

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