My review “Love the Coopers.”

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Diane Keaton is one of my wives’ all-time favorite actresses. John Goodman is one of my person favorites. The beautiful movie “Love the Coopers” also includes the phenomenal Marisa Tomei (who plays the best Aunt May in the Spiderman series ever). The movie is the story of a family that once wasn’t dysfunctional, once was cohesive and moving forward, but lost its way as families sometimes do. The cast of characters, story and ultimately the conflict that brings everyone back together again, makes it a feel-good movie in the end. You won’t, at first, feel good. It starts out sad as movies sometimes do.

The movie brings together the family for holidays as they struggle with the reality of where they are.

Simply this a wonderful family holiday movie. It brings each us to a place where we can smile, and a place where we can cry.

I give Love the Coopers a 5 out of 5.


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Written by DocAndersen

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