Are we ready for a female James Bond?

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Okay it one deal for a female Doctor Who is actress Jody Whittaker to be on television but there is word that actress Charlize Theron would be the first actress to be the first female James Bond after actor Daniel Craig decides to step down playing the fictional character created by the late Ian Fleming.

Actor Chris Hemsworth who plays the Marvel Comics super hero Thor is giving actress Charlize Theron his endorsement to be the next actress to play James Bond since Theron is starring in the action adventure motion picture “Atomic Blonde” which comes out soon.

Advice to Chris is this. Okay call me an old fashioned person who admired the work of Sean Connery as James Bond due to the fact that many of his movie roles as James Bond, he cheated death at the hands of his enemies after he was captured by the enemy.

One problem that I have would object in having a female actress play James Bond is that according to motivational speaker Les Brown, it is very hard for a man to have a woman beat him like a drum in a battle with karate and judo moves.

Barbara Broccoli would have the final say who gets to play the role of James Bond in a motion picture after Daniel Craig bids farewell to the British super spy who is known for his catch phrase “Bond, James Bond. Agent 007 License To Kill.” After all even Daniel Craig cannot beat Father Time.

Please Hollywood do what I have done creating original characters like Donna and Debi Moreno who are super heroine moniker The Isthmus Sisters and Gabrielle Squirrel who goes the super heroine moniker Panama Squirrel who are aliens from Lexicon just like the PBS Kids heroine Wordgirl who was created by Dorothea Gillim. Okay so Wordgirl is a kids show. So what?


What do you think?

Written by Deepizzaguy

Satire writer, loves WordGirl cartoons, baseball fan and an old school hero fan.


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    • Believe it or not Doctor Who is one show I have only heard of since I am more into the Avengers television series than the fictional Doctor. Come on a female Doctor Who? A Black Jimmy Olsen on Snoopergirl? In the words of the late football coach Vince T Lombardi “What the (expletive deleted) is going on out there?”

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