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Does actress Gal Gadot have to fear being typecast as Wonder Woman?

A few days ago I asked someone in the site should actress Gal Gadot who was played the role of Diana Prince who is secretly Wonder Woman have anything to be concerned about being typecast as playing an iconic super hero like Wonder Woman in the movies?

The reason I asked was because there were stories that the late George Reeves who played Superman on television from 1952-1958 suffered the problem that people remembered him as Superman on television.

The same deal happened to  the late Don Adams who played the character Maxwell Smart from 1965-1970 and a reboot in 1995 where he claimed that playing the role of the comical super spy who some said was a parody of Inspector Clouseau and James Bond was his kiss of death finding work as a serious actor.

The answer I received from the Wonder Woman fans on Quora was that Gal has nothing to fear since acting in Hollywood is not her main source of income since she does modeling work and can find work making movies overseas.

I know of some comedians who played kid roles on television like Mexican actress Maria Antonieta de las Nieves who played a child character named Chilindrina who said despite typecast as the child character, she is happy to make kids happy playing the character that made her famous on television in Latin America and Brazil.

I am saying that at least Gal will enjoy playing the role of the iconic female character who saved the summer movies with her superb role as Wonder Woman which has made director Patty Jenkins a household name since she is the first female director to have a hit movie with a female iconic heroine.

My thoughts is that Gal will likely be remembered as Wonder Woman as well as being an action adventure movie star in America. She has nothing to fear being typecast as Wonder Woman for life since has a back up plans to be successful besides being a female super hero who has impressed the audience the producers of the movie were aiming at.


What do you think?


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    • Thank you for your support Lucia since there are some actors who when asked if they have any regrets playing super hero characters the answers are it is bittersweet since some were typecast and some were able to pursue their dream roles.

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