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Power Rangers (2017): My Movie Review

Power Rangers

This movie is a remake of the original Power Rangers The Movie way back 1995. It was almost a score since it has been remade. But unfortunately, this movie remake was considered a box office disappointment. Why? It’s because from their production budget of $100 million, they only earned an income of $140.2 million.

I can say that this movie should improve more on its graphics and effects were not that tantamountable to Transformers franchise movies. Maybe, that’s another one factor that many moviegoers lambasted this movie that has been one of my favorite TV series when I was one of the 90s kids (hehe). But despite all these, since I have watched this movie recently, I’ll give you some short details on behalf.

The story starts in a Cenozoic Era where Zordon and 5 other interplanetary warrriors known as The Power Rangers. They were tasked to protect life on Earth as well as the Zeo Crystal. But it was not until the green ranger named Rita Repulsa betrayed them and plans to dominate the universe. The red ranger Zordon survived Rita’s attack and hid 5 of the Ranger’s power source, the Power Coins. He ordered then his alien robot Alpha 5 to perform a meteor strike that killed him and sent Rita to the bottom of the seas, foiling her scheme.

Then, to make story short, it was not until 21st century when all came the chosen power rangers appeared when they found power coins in the mine giving them superstrength and speed. These were Zack (black ranger) , Billy (blue ranger), Trini (yellow ranger), Kimberly (pink ranger), and Jason (red ranger), their leader. Then, this is how they all started as a team of superheroes donned in their colored costumes and masks.

Until they defeated Rita Repulsa who summoned a monstrous Goldar who was formed out of her collected golds. Goldar was defeated by the Power Rangers’ assembled Zords,  fighting robots manned by each of them. Out of faith and hope The Megazord was assembled and defeated Goldar and Rita near the Krispy Kreme doughnuts booth.

According to some sources, they consider this as the first blockbuster film to feature LGBTQ and autistic superheroes.

LGBT? Maybe because Trini acts boyish and Billy claps everytime he excites of the good news that he heard from Zordon and Alpha 5 (lol). This movie seems like “handclap” is considered to be its signature, inasmuch the soundtrack of this movie was Hand Clap by Fitz and the Tantrums.

This movie is still recommended for kids, but still needs parental guidance since there were some bully issues on some short scenes.

On the last credit, as Rita Repulsa was struck heavily bouncing him outside the Earth by the Megazords, she left a green coin, and then there appeared the sixth ranger in Angel Grove High School on the last credit  and his name was Tommy.

Inspite of being a box office disappointment, production staffs are still planning for a possible sequel (maybe this time they could make it better).

I don’t wanna give additional negative reviews about this movie, coz I just enjoyed watching this. Maybe some didn’t satisfied, but I’ll just leave here a trailer for you to see if you’re gonna like this film.

Still I’ll give kudos for this film. They made efforts to restore my childhood memories back in the 90s.


What do you think?


Written by Trafalgar Law

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